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When it comes to seafood, the dining experience can range from bland to exhilarating. The difference, of course, is decided by the quality of the seafood. At Papa Joe's Gourmet, the only grade of seafood you will find is high quality.

High quality means, above all else, variety and freshness. In terms of variety, Papa Joe's Gourmet is second to none for seafood of all kinds. From standard seafood choices to the best sushi and sashimi available, Papa Joe's has it all. We specialize in seasonal seafood as well, meaning that we carry varieties that no one else in the area can possibly provide. As for freshness, our seafood selection could not possibly be any more so. Our seafood is provided directly from the source, giving you an array of choices of day-out-of-the-water product. We buy from all of the prime seafood waters around the world, from Alaska to Hawaii, Boston to Florida and everywhere in between.

The man behind it all is Ed Davies, owner of the Bayside Seafood Company in partnership with Papa Joe's Gourmet. Mr. Davies' knowledge of seafood is second to none. This knowledge comes from over 20 years in the business and a life and upbringing inextricably linked with fishing and seafood. Growing up in the seafood-rich tradition of Florida, Mr. Davies has also lived and worked in numerous notable ports around the Western Hemisphere, including Boston and Honolulu.

This wealth of experience means that the staff behind the counter can answer any questions you may have. We know when the product arrived and where it came from. We also know what it tastes like and how it is best prepared. Try getting that kind of service and expertise at the grocery store. Make the most of your seafood experience with Papa Joe's Gourmet and the Bayside Seafood Company - a partnership in excellence!

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