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Bliss Family Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc. - $11.99
Tropical fruit, musky citrus, crisp starfruit and pear.  For three generations the Bliss family has been dedicated to nurturing their vines and the vibrant wines which they yield.  The 450 acres of vineyard are farmed sustain-ably and benefit the from the Pacific Ocean's cool and soothing influence, which in this case contributes to a lively and impressively balanced Saunignon Blanc with the citrus and tropical fruit that is a hallmark of the grape.

Z Alexander Brown California

Cabernet Sauvignon or Red Blend - $15.99

With flavors of briary blackberries, juicy plums, and black currants, Pitagora is a robust red blend of Syrah, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Petite Sirah. Selected lots were aged in a combination of French and American oak for 15 months, with the blended wine aged for 12 months.

Foxglove Chardonnay  - $15.99

Foxglove Chardonnay is a superb white wine gem from the region around San Luis Obispo. At the core of Foxglove is Bob Varner, also the winemaker at Varner Wines. Beginning with their first vintage in 1991, Bob sources the wine from a variety of places, all of which are in Edna Valley. The resulting wine has Central Coast appellation pricing, and is full of complex fruit flavors that the Edna Valley appellation is known for. Edna Valley, a relatively small appellation, grows mostly Chardonnay on about 1000 acres. The entire acreage is tightly controlled by a few owners employing the most up-to-date vineyard practices that give the valley impressive evenness. Located just south of San Luis Obispo, its vineyards are some of California's closest to the Pacific Ocean. Mild winters, cool, foggy summer, and clay-loam soils produce a combination of flavors that have been described as "textbook Central Coast."

Honing Napa Valley Sauvingnon Blanc - $17.99

The Sauvignon blanc grapes are treated using two different methods. To enhance the delicate tropical fruit flavors, a portion of the fruit goes directly into the press as whole clusters. The remaining fruit is de-stemmed and left in contact with the skins for several hours before pressing, amplifying the grapefruit/citrus components. All of the juice is fermented at cool temperatures in stainless steel tanks using a variety of yeast strains selected to bring out the aroma and flavor profiles of Sauvignon Blanc.

Butter Chardonnay, California - $18.99
This wine melts in your mouth.  It is 100% Chardonnay, grown in sunny California spots with just the right touch of cool from the coast.  

La Crema Chardonnay  - $18.99
This wine opens with layered aromas of fresh Meyer lemon, shortbread and ripe pear.  On the palate are flavors of baked, locally grown, Gravenstein apple framed by hints of sweet spice and white peach.  The end result is a broad, juicy and beautifully balanced mouth feel.

Pitagora: - $23.99

When Francis Ford Coppola's grandfather, Agostino, was a child growing up in the small town of Bernalda in Southern Italy, he often played among ancient Greek ruins in nearby Metaponto, where thousands of years earlier stood a school run by the legendary Greek scholar Pythagoras — Pitagora in Italian. Known today for his mathematical theorem (a2 + b2 = c2), Pythagoras was more than a mathematician; he was a philosopher who sought new ways of understanding the world through mathematics, astronomy, and music theory.

Growing up in the footprint of this legend, Agostino developed a talent for mathematics and music, and his Pythagorean curiosity about the nature of how things work went on to influence each generation of the Coppola family.

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